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Limousine Companies vs Uber – The pros and cons: Everybody should read.

By Jeffrey Lynch of B Z Transportation, Inc.

Jul 17, 2018

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Publisher Note: While researching for my trip, I contemplated getting an Uber to the airport. The fear of not knowing anything about the driver steered me away and I’m glad I did. Meeting Jeffrey from B Z Transportaion, Inc not only put me at ease that I found the right ride, I also feel like I found the right person. He’s a family man that lives in our community and I feel secure knowing I have a great ride to the airport! If you need a ride anywhere, whether it’s a wedding or a trip to the airport, I highly recommend you check out at

The pros of a Limo company. Your event is special, it should be treated that way. You have a reputable company that you can reach out to if you have any problems. Limo companies have and meet all county and state requirements. Vehicles are inspected by the taxi and limousine commission. You get clean luxury vehicles. You have professional chauffeurs in shirt and tie, suits, etc. Your chauffeur greets you at your door, takes your luggage, and puts it in car. Plus, they opens doors & provide excellent service. If your limo company doesn’t do this, then you need B Z Transportation Inc. Whatever your occasion It’s B Z Transportation.
The con of limo companies: Usually the price. Limo companies are more money than Uber. The reason being because limo companies are hiring professionals and have proper insurance (for hire) which costs more than personal insurance in case of an accident or emergency.
The pros of Uber: Usually quick picking up. If you want a quick ride or taxi Uber is the way to go. Usually affordable.
The cons of Uber: Prices change depending upon availability. If the drivers are high in demand, so are there prices. Also, they are not regulated, so driver’s use their own cars and personal insurance. They dont have for hire insurance which means they are not allowed to carry passengers and collect money. Plus, if you have a problem, you have to email Uber or take the driver to small claims court. Drivers have no dress code. If sweatpants sandals are your thing. They might even have their kids in the car with them.

I hope this helps everyone with a little knowledge of Uber vs Limousine companies. The choice is yours.

Jeffrey Lynch

Sales Manager

B Z Transportation Inc


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